How Indoor Air Quality Can Impact Your Health

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How Indoor Air Quality Can Impact Your Health

The air inside your home can be worse than you think. It’s not just about the dust and pollen; there are chemical compounds called VOCs that affect both indoor Air quality as well as human health when inhaled or touched by them for example.- volatile organic acids (VOMisha)  – These chemicals have been found in studies to cause serious problems such as asthma attacks among others things!–furniture makers use various kinds of finishes on their products which may lead to health deterioration.

Recommended HVAC Filtration System

Indoor Hygenics has the experience to recommend an HVAC filtration system that will improve your home’s air quality. They can also help you narrow down which type of filter would be best for both comfort and efficiency, as well as explain how it works so you know exactly what benefits are had from using one! The experts at Indoor Hygenics promise 100% satisfaction with their work backed by a full year*of warranty.

Which Air Filtration System is Recommended for My House?

Have you been diagnosed with any respiratory disorders? If so, then a whole-home air purification system might be able to help. Studies have found managing exposure inside your home can reduce the number of Persian dust mites and tobacco smoke that cause asthma among children. And restrictions on biological contaminants such as pollen also lower childhood cases by 55%-60%.

One major benefit is avoiding having allergic reactions when coming back into contact with things like pet dander or dust particles after being absent from an area recently contaminated due to outside sources

Hepa Filters

The High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filter was developed to keep scientists safe from radiation as they worked on an atomic bomb during World War II. Today these filters are regularly used in hospitals and homes alike!

Electrostatic Filters

You can choose from several different types of electronic filters for your home. Electrostatic and High-Voltage Magnetic Charge (HVM) are both effective at capturing fine particles. But they work differently in terms on how much space it takes up versus everyday household dust masks which only remove large sized allergens like pollen or weeds spores while not being very good with smaller ones such as PM2.5s

Media Filters

There are a few different types of home HVAC filters, but media ones tend to be sturdier and last longer. They often have more surface area than other kinds. This allows them to catch larger particles that would otherwise get through your system!

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