UV-15 Whole Home Disinfection System

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With the UV-15, you can disinfect your whole house from top to bottom in just 15 minutes. This powerful machine uses advanced optics and collimating lenses with multiple Honeywell patented technologies. For outstanding performance that will get rid of 99% or more germs on surfaces.  Including air ducts, floorboards beneath furniture, etc., helping keep families healthy year-round.

What is the UV-15 Whole Home Disinfection System and how does it work?

The UV-15 system is designed to kill bacteria and viruses in your home. Which means you can be confident that it will keep all of those nasties away. It uses diamond technology for quick results. So there’s no need to worry about waiting days or weeks before getting back on track with life again.

What are some of the benefits of having a UV-15 installed in your home

Some of the benefits that you can experience when your HVAC system is equipped with a UV-15 are increased airflow, better indoor environmental quality due to reduced chemical emissions, and lower energy bills.
A major upgrade for any home’s heating ventilation cooling machine may seem like a big investment at first glance but it will soon become clear how much value there is behind these investments as they improve everything from comfort levels in our homes all while saving money on electricity use.

What is UV-15 and how does it work to disinfect your home’s air and surfaces:

UV-15 is a revolutionary new product that cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your home’s air. The high strength dose of UV light will kill airborne germs on contact so you can breathe easily knowing cleanliness is indeed present in every corner.

How to install a UV-15 system in your home

When deciding to install a UV-15 system in your home, it is important that you first understand how they work. This will allow for an easier installation process and more successful results! The following guide provides all of the information needed before getting started with installing one at either indoor or outdoor locations on property owned by any type of buyer including residential properties like condos/motels etc., commercial spaces such as strip malls or office buildings which could include multiple stores within its walls – each having their own specific needs when trying to accommodate these types equipment; schools if ever there are educational purposes desired from them also being included here because sometimes we see this sort.

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